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Hi, I'm Lance Edwards,

Most people think you need to start in real estate with single-family rentals before you can "graduate" to multi-family properties.


If you’ve tried flipping a house or got into a bidding war in the uber competitive single family home market you know it’s not as easy as they make it seem on TV.

That’s why we teach people how to start with small apartments, which are actually less risky, and less work than single family homes.


How to Become a Successful Apartment Investor

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    Learn to finance, select, negotiate, purchase, and manage small apartments and find out if it's right for you. Evaluate us and see if it's a good fit for you. We offer a full 100% money-back guarantee if it's not. 

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    The Apartment Wealth Factory

    You get paired with an investing coach to walk with you through your first investment, as well as done-for-you marketing services, access to a community of buyers and investors for transaction, advice, and support.

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    You will start with that first check (then you get monthly checks, then you get bigger checks) when we’ll celebrate with you and put you on our success wall.

"Based on Lance's skillset and mindset teachings, I was able to bust my fear of the zeroes and purchase a 42 unit apartment with 95% bank financing with very preferred terms. Now I am looking at 500 units!"

- Jon Perry

Top 3 Worries We Help To Address

When Starting With Small Apartments

We address all of these worries and how to overcome them in the Lance Edwards Small Apartment School program.

1. You worry about getting approval for a bigger loan.

We teach you how to raise money to fund your small apartments, and we give access to our network of funding sources (that don't require banks).

2. You worry about managing a larger investment like an apartment.

We teach you how to NOT self-manage, but instead how to hire a good property manager and still make a good profit.

3. You worry that a bigger investment means more risk.

We teach you how to ensure that your small apartment is less of a financial risk than a buying a single-family rental.


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Lance Edwards

I have learned that there is an untapped niche for people new to real-estate that isn't single-family homes (hyper competitive) and isn't big commercial properties (requires a lot of capital and experience): small apartments.

After building my own business on small apartments, I wanted to share what I learned, so others could take control of their time and money too. That's why I developed a process that we teach in our Small Apartments School and a community of buyers and sellers in our Apartment Wealth Factory program.

I've been on all sides of small apartment transactions: as the buyer, as the seller, and as a coach to hundreds of first-time buyers. My goal is to create lifelong fans and partners so my focus is ensuring win-win transactions.


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Skip past the single-family rental route, and learn how to become a savvy small apartment entrepreneur, using other people's money.

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