How to Syndicate Your First 100 Apartment Doors (What is Syndication?)

Do you want to know a way to both create wealth and protect it against inflation? Then you need to check out today’s Nugget, as I’m discussing Apartment Syndication and the process for syndicating your first 100 apartment doors. Whether you’re a first-timer or experienced in real estate, this Nugget is for you. Now is…

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Harish & Neal Patel

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Buy, rehab and hold Number of Units: 16 Prior Experience: While Neal, a physician, did not have prior real estate experience, his father, Harish, a retired mechanical engineer, had 8 years of experience through owning 3 single family rentals in Cleveland, OH Here’s their story: Father and son investor team Harish…

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How a 10 Year Old Buys Small Apartments

As I always say, “Buying Small Apartments is 5th grade simple.” In this Apartment Wealth Nugget, I share a couple of success stories from my students, including one who at the “ripe old age” of 10 bought his first property! So if a 10-year old can do this, anybody can! Just start where you are…

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Norman & Jean Lutkefedder

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Buy & hold Number of Units: 10 Prior Experience: While Jean was a career dental hygienist, Norman had been involved in a multitude of real estate endeavors, including buying, developing and selling real estate in MD since 1973. Here’s their story: Eager to win Lance Edwards’ trademark 90-Day Challenge after attending…

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Jessie Scott

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Buy & hold Number of Units: 16 unit package from a single seller (4-unit, 4-unit, 5-unit, 3-unit) Prior Experience: A community outreach program coordinator by trade, Jessie had no prior experience in small apartments aside from previously living in a triplex in which he and his wife resided for 10 years…

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Peter Arianas #2

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Wholesale Number of Units: 44 Personal Money Invested: $100 Amount Earned: $36,000 Prior Experience: Peter had previously run a successful construction company that replaced windows, doors and roofs, but no prior real estate experience. Here’s his story: Amazed by Peter Arianas’ dogged determination and amazing ability to navigate through all the…

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