Jeremy Newkirk

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Rehab and holdNumber of Units: 16Personal Money Invested: $180k (split between 3 business partners)Amount Earned: $1,905/mo estimated monthly cash flow Prior Experience: Starting in 2010, Jeremy started through single family rentals,...
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Tony Velickoff

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Rehab and holdNumber of Units: 2Personal Money Invested: $0Amount Earned: $50k in equity and $500/mo positive cash flow after rehabPrior Experience: Tony and his partner, Angela, had previous experience acquiring single...
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Gene Seus

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Rehab and holdNumber of Units: 18Personal Money Invested: $110kPrior Experience: Gene had prior experience with some single family real estate investing and with owning a sod farm Gene's Story Gene...
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Caroline Maki

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Wholesale & otherNumber of Units: 81 units (5 properties)Personal Money Invested: Just the earnest money Amount Earned: $400k in her first year of Lance's programPrior Experience: Prior to taking on Lance's...
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Rafael Siero

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Rehab and short-term holdNumber of Units: 8Personal Money Invested: $0Amount Earned: $110kPrior Experience: Rafael had prior experience investing in real estate on his own dating back to the 1970s Rafael's...
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Wren Martin

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Fix & flipNumber of Units: 4Personal Money Invested: $1,100Amount Earned: $80kPrior Experience: Prior to finding Lance's program, Wren had flipped approximately 40 single family homes Wren's Story Wren came from...
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Roger Salera

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Rehab and holdNumber of Units: 3Personal Money Invested: $0Amount Earned: Projected annual NOI of $21,400Prior Experience: Roger's only prior real estate experience was that he turned his first home into a...
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Hoku Stevens-Britos

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Rehab & hold Number of Units: 9Personal Money Invested: $0Amount Earned: Doubled the value of the building since purchasingPrior Experience: Hoku and her husband had prior experience flipping single family homes,...
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Joe Greaves

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Buy & holdNumber of Units: 18Personal Money Invested: 20% downAmount Earned: $9k-$10k monthly cash flowPrior Experience: Joe spent almost 40 years as a general contractor for commercial properties, working on massive...
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Damon Caldwell

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: WholesaleNumber of Units: 10Personal Money Invested: $0Amount Earned: $25,000Prior Experience: Before working with Lance's team, Damon had previously dabbled in wholesaling multifamily with some hurdles, which almost pushed him out of...
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