Toni Ward

After having taken Lance's very first class offering, Toni was prepared and jumped on this deal. Now, she's working on much larger deals! Profit Strategy: Buy & holdNumber of Units: 8Amount Earned: $80kPersonal Money Invested:...
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Dale Steinman and Anil Sikri 1

Profit Strategy: Buy & holdNumber of Units: 30Amount Earned: $255k equity gain with forced appreciationPrior Experience: Single family investing, such as single family rentals
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Jon Perry 1

Jon was mid-deal with the plan to rehab & flip when his wife, Karen, lost her job of 11 years. Together, they attended Lance's boot camp to gain the knowledge, skillset, and most importantly -...
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Kenneth Hogan

Kenneth learned apartment entrepreneurship via Lance's home study system. He found and closed this deal in 5 months from opening the home study course, and purchased it using 100% seller financing. After closing, Kenneth had...
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Beverly Delong

Beverly got started with her son using direct mail, straight from Lance's course materials and closed the first 2 responses she got from her first direct mail campaign! Profit Strategy: Buy & holdNumber of Units:...
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Dan & Dylan Badinghaus

Dan and his 18-year old son, Dylan, flipped and closed their first deal for $69k in 9 business days! "If an 18 year-old kid can do this, anyone can do it." -Dylan Badinghaus Profit Strategy:...
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Peter Arianas

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: WholesaleNumber of Units: 66 Personal Money Invested: $100 on FedEx labels to mail documents Amount of Money Earned: $60kPrior Experience: No prior real estate experience, Peter is a window installer by...
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