Small Apartments Lead to Politics?

Peter Arianas Small Apartments Lead to Politics? One of my favorite stories to tell is that of my client and friend, Peter Arianas.   It’s a great story of adversity and triumph in entrepreneurship, and life,...
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Inflation Surging.

Are you prepared? Inflation Surging.  Are you prepared? Inflation surged again in December.  Are you prepared?  Or is your cash parked under the proverbial mattress (aka non-producing CD’s or self-directed IRA’s)?    If so, just realize...
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Is Lance Edwards a Scam?

We get this question a lot. Is Lance Edwards a scam? In some ways, it’s a compliment, right? If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. That said, we think this question...
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The 2 Biggest Fears of Real Estate Beginners (and How to Beat ‘Em)

I understand how hard it is to try something new. Its even harder when your time or your money is at stake. How can you be sure that things will work out? Let’s alleviate some...
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Why Mindset Trumps Cash in Real Estate

I’ve taught hundreds of people how to get started in small apartments, but there is one thing that still drives me nuts every time I see it: people learn all of the right things, but...
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