How to Get SAS Tuition Refunded

I created the Small Apartments School because I wanted people to learn how small apartments can start them on their path to financial freedom through passive income. It’s a comprehensive course that will train you in everything you need to know in just 3 days so that you can get started as soon as possible.

So why does it cost $3495? If it seems like a big barrier for entry — you’re right. It’s meant to be. I only want folks who are ready, willing, and hungry to make a better life for themselves through the Small Apartments School. I’ve found that when people invest their money, they’re more willing to listen and learn and take the steps needed to do this the right way.

I want you to succeed. That’s why when you invest in the SAS, we invest in you. We’re so sure that this boot camp will change your life that we offer multiple ways to get it for free.

How to get FREE tuition for the Small Apartments School

  • Send me 20 apartment leads that meet my criteria within 90 days of your boot camp graduation and if I don’t buy at least one, I’ll reimburse your training deposit 100%.
  • If I buy one of the apartments you send me, I’ll pay you 200% of your training deposit PLUS a $25,000 Finders Fee!
  • Buy or flip a small apartment on your own (using my buyer’s list) within 180 days from your enrollment and I’ll reimburse your training deposit 100% in exchange for the use of your success story in my next book.

I challenge you to find an offer like that from any other real estate seminar. This year, give yourself the financial future you deserve. We can help.

Refund my tuition

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