Inflation Surging.

Are you prepared?

Inflation Surging.  Are you prepared?

Inflation surged again in December.  Are you prepared?  Or is your cash parked under the proverbial mattress (aka non-producing CD’s or self-directed IRA’s)?    If so, just realize that that safe-haven means your cash is worth less now than it was 30 days ago, and even less than 60 days ago.  So what’s the answer?

Income-producing real estate.   And my favorite of course, for getting started, is small apartments.   Rents and property values increase with inflation keeping your cash investment in apartments growing.   And thanks to a phenomenon called forced appreciation, your cash seed planted in small apartments grows faster than inflation, much faster.

Then in a couple to three years, you can harvest your expanded cash (tax free) via refinancing or 1031 Exchange and scale up to even larger apartments.  Even better, combine your cash with other people’s cash stuck under other mattresses and expand your limited cash even faster, and help others out too.  That’s your answer to inflation.   So start planting.

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