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Operation True Potential™ is a collaborative effort of Mom & Pop entrepreneurs and community influencers aimed at renewing small multifamily properties into quality affordable housing, nationwide. It is a mission, spearheaded by Lance Edwards, to transform lives and communities.

Operation True PotentialTM is not a government-sponsored organization.  Rather, it is a grassroots private sector initiative where the return to the individual participants is measured in both financial and social returns. It leverages the American free enterprise system.

It is Mom & Pop entrepreneurs and investorsdoing good while doing well.”  Akin to an old-fashioned barn-raising, individual members of our national network collaboratively find, fund and/or operate each affordable housing renewal project – following a template.

How Can You Help?

Please refer anyone from the public or private sector with an interest in potentially collaborating in quality affordable housing.  To collaborate: or 281-377-5690.