Reasons to Buy an Apartment Building Rather than a Franchise

If you’re reading this blog, you’re already ahead of the game. It means you’re thinking about your future and how to best find a way to live the life YOU want to lead, financially independent and thriving. So you think: “maybe I should buy into a franchise.”

It’s appealing to think that you could be your own boss and own a trendy franchise that rides a national wave of marketing to success. Here’s why you should take that money and buy small apartments to rent out instead.

Stronger and more stable cash flow.

We get that it can be exciting to buy a franchise with national name recognition, but oftentimes that means getting into the restaurant business or opening a store that requires heavy foot traffic to succeed. That’s NOT a recipe for stable cash flow. Apartments are always in demand. They’re a necessity. That means a strong, stable cash flow that will allow you to re-invest and build wealth over time.

Keep more of your money.

Franchises cost a lot of money. Not just startup costs, but also franchising fees. Sure, you might enjoy some “free” marketing in the form of a national brand, but in the end — you’ll pay for it. It’s not out of the question for franchise fees to reach into the six figures. Apartments? Absolutely no franchise fees.

It’s simpler.

While we won’t say it’s easy to own apartments, it’s definitely easier than opening a business. Fewer employees, less paperwork, and less to worry about. Yes, you’ll have to be an active and engaged entrepreneur, but that’s true of any moneymaking endeavor. The benefits of being engaged are much more visible for an apartment — a little TLC goes a long way.

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don't buy a franchise

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