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We understand that small apartment ownership is not for everyone (or maybe it’s just no longer right). A lot of owners hold onto a property that they don’t want because they think there’s one option: sell for cash (which comes with a huge tax bill).

But there are more options that most brokers don’t tell you about (because they don’t earn commission on those options). An all-cash sale is just one of several options we offer

We’re the buyer (not a broker)

A broker has different incentives than a principal buyer. We make sure you know all of your options, because as a buyer we’re flexible and qualified to do different kinds of deals (including a tax-less transfer).

We make the process as simple and transparent as possible. No pressure. No hard sales tactics. Our goal is to ensure win-win transactions.

Call now to discover your no obligation options.

Here’s How It Works

A Simple Process for Win-Win Transactions

  • 1

    Tell Us About Your Property

    Give us a call, or request a call back. Explain your circumstances and basic info about your property so we can explain all your options.

  • 2

    We Present You With Options

    We will put together a proposal of actual offer options of what you could do with your property. You choose what works best for you.

  • 3

    We Prepare For

    We do our due diligence, handle inspections, prepare our team, transfer utilities, then we close and take over management of the property

  • 4

    Revenue Without Responsibilities

    You get to enjoy the profit from your years of hard work, but you get to leave the hassle of managing the property behind.


Verified Purchase

This book requires all of the information that you need to get started in small-midsize apartment investing. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in venturing into apartment building investing.

The Lance Edwards Sale Options

We understand that there are a lot of unknowns when you decide to sell your property. You worry about tax bills, care for your tenants, closing costs, sale price. But there’s one thing we can guarantee: less stress.

Transparent Process

No Commissions

You Write No More Checks (bills, shortfalls, big repairs)

1. Preserve the cash flow, let go of the management.

We take over operations, we’re 100% responsible, and we still send you a monthly check.

2. A tax-less transfer or defer the taxes

The best thing about owning real-estate is the tax benefit, don’t give that away without talking to us first.

3. Pass to your heirs tax free

Real-estate is perfect for creating generational wealth, but your heirs don’t need to manage your apartments. Talk to us to learn how to pass the benefits on without the taxes.

We don’t just buy & sell small apartments

We Teach People How!

Small Apartment School

Buying a small apartment building is a big investment, that’s why we started a coaching program to guide people through a simple and certain process that allows them to take control of their time and money through small apartments.

So you can feel confident about your investment.

Answers to the top questions every buyer has

1. How am I going to fund it?

We teach you how to raise funds with or without a bank. We even give you access to funding sources.

2. How am I going to manage it?

We teach you how to NOT self-manage, but instead how to hire a good property manager and still make a profit.

3. Can I do this with no experience?

Anyone can get started making money with apartments if they have the proper system to follow.



Lance Edwards

Buying a small apartment building is a big investment, and it can be hard to know if you’re getting the whole picture from the broker on the other side of the table. You can’t afford to make a bad choice.

That’s why we’re doing for small apartments what Carmax did for used-car sales. We operate with full transparency, no haggling, no hard sales. We make sure you understand exactly what you’re buying, explain every step of the process, and we’re always available to return your calls.

We make dozens of transactions every year, and we have taught hundreds of people how to buy and sell small apartments. Our reputation has been built by only participating in win-win transactions.

I’ve been on all sides of small apartment transactions: as the buyer, as the seller, and as a coach to hundreds of first-time buyers.


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You deserve to get your time back and live your life without the hassle of managing an apartment property.

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