Sheldon Lehman

Profit Strategy: Buy, rehab & holdNumber of Units: 2Amount Earned: $1,800/mo profitPersonal Money Invested: $48k + $30k rehab costsPrior Experience: financial advisor who had been flipping SFHs since the 90s
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Nancy Watts

Profit Strategy: Wholesale Number of Units: 2 Amount Earned: $10,000 Personal Money Invested: $0 Prior Experience: She's been buying SFH rentals since 2003 while working in corporate world. After being laid off in 2006, she went into...
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Casey & Christy Speer

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Buy & hold Number of Units: 6 Amount Earned: $925/mo Personal Money Invested: $0 Prior Experience: Prior to closing their first deal, Casey and Chris had been real estate investors for about...
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Mark Jansen

Profit Strategy: Buy & holdNumber of Units: 8Amount Earned: $3,000/moPersonal Money Invested: Used funds from self-directed IRAPrior Experience: None. Retired from corporate world a few years prior.
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Arman & Tony Abedini

Quick Facts: Profit Strategy: Buy, rehab and resellNumber of Units: 2Amount Earned: Expect to earn around $30k profit once they sellPrior Experience: First apartment. Purchased a SFH prior. Here's their story: One of the most fascinating and...
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Melissa Newell

Profit Strategy: WholesaleNumber of Units: 2Amount Earned: $9,600Personal Money Invested: $0Prior Experience: Interior designer by degree, she spent 2 years in residential real estate. No prior experience in small apartments. Here's her story: Melissa Newell...
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Brad Shepherd

Profit Strategy: buy & holdNumber of Units: 4Amount Earned: $ 400/month profitPersonal Money Invested:Prior Experience: 4 years of real estate experience, starting with single family, rentals and some flips
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Scott Taylor

Profit Strategy: Buy & hold Number of Units: 4 Amount Earned: $1,000/mo profit Prior Experience: Primarily has worked in software with some experience in home renovations but no prior training in small apartments Personal Money...
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Marcus Lansden

Profit Strategy: Buy and hold Amount earned: >$1,300 monthly cash flow Number of Units: 1 Prior Experience: First formal investment property. Had previous rented out homes in which he once resided.
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David Limon

Profit Strategy: Wholesale Number of Units: 6 Amount Earned: $13,674 assignment fee Prior Experience: Has been investing for years, mostly buying & selling single family homes in California and Texas, however, had typically steered away from...
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